Another offtopic topic-needs work

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Another offtopic topic-needs work

Postby garry » Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:56 pm

Since the "Non Debian Desktops" is for showing our "non-debian desktops",
and a question asked opens a "can of worms" , that is "another topic",.....
Well that is why I started this.
The Qusetion:
by Linadian » What is your deal? Are you like, some kind of IT guy (master of *nixes) that slipped across the line of legality, and now on the run (Mexico) and bored out of your skull (playing with obscure operating systems)? I jest of course, just havin' a laugh, but seriously, if you're not making a boat load of money as an IT guy, you should be. You're doing some very interesting and amazing stuff, for which I wouldn't have the patience.

Glad you said "I jest", almost got me going,...over sensitive I guess,...
some kind of IT guy (master of *nixes)
not at all by a long shot.
On, why I am in Mexico, it is a long story, and another topic, I did go into it here,
Old ,Oudated website(note: I need to fix the link, it got "broken" migrating. )
But not "hiding", I go back and forth, from here to U.S. legally, used to be regularly, not as much any more as I am retired,...
by Linadian »if you're not making a boat load of money as an IT guy, you should be.

Not that skilled, but I do have some friends and aquaintnces that are, and do.
Years ago, I was "floundering around, with Unix, and working online,
also trying to figure out a way to make it easier to work with the dos editor,
and text files, I had noticed online, all the Unix systems, had documents and sites linked,... a little search "foo" and I stumbled onto some very interesting
articles , written by Tim Berners-Lee, and also found him active on 'usenet', I started learning how to use, and write html, to link my dos files, and documents,
as well as online,...
There were and still are, many others, in various universities and "other tecnological centers".
I remember Tim Berners name and quite well , because he was on of the few that
actually took the time to answer my questions, and was polite.
Another person "Ted Felix", played a
major part in helping me with "qbasic" on Dos,...there are some, actually many
real "masters", Teachers, experts , not only on Unix and unix-like systems,
but Dos, as well, there are so many, I can not possibly remember then all,
and I feel I must give credit where it is due,
Ian Murdock, Debians founder,.. wrote a lot of very interesing documentation,
as well but , who takes the time to read any of it ?
now there is a real *NIX Master ,....not me,
...I just "scratch the surface", it is
for fun, and a hobbie for me.
All of my "teachers" and the "masters" have written a incredible amount
of tutorials, guides, etc. and made them available free of charge, for our benifit,
not just mine, but every bodies,...all we need to do is learn how to use the
search engines, they have written everything we need to know to get
started, and get more advanced, .......These "masters", have done a
huge amount of work for all of us, ...and have done their best to make
it easily available, is a sad thing, that the teachers in schools are
not even teaching kids how to use the search engines, and access the
knowledge, but that is even another topic , ....

The biggest "obstacle" for me, no high school diploma , most IT type
jobs require that, and more , I guess I could get one, a GED, but have
no interest,......
, "official" schooling ended in the 2nd half of the 4th grade, and when the next school year started, 5th grade,...I did not go, I found the classes so boring, and then the so called "teachers", what a joke most of them are, I stopped going ,to school, and if and when I did go, mostly was sleeping, or drawing pitcures , ...again another topic,.........
However, to avoid getting caught when I did not go to classes, instead of "hanging out"
in a park, or on the street , I enjoyed,and spent most of my time in
a public library, studying, reading books that I was interested in,...mostly art, at
that time,...but later computers as well,...
I love to learn new things, and when I am interested, studying is a great way
to pass hours and hours,...
I hated, sitting there listening to a idiot, giving a boring and use less lecture.
In one school, and this is when I first started to realize I was in the wrong place
if I really wanted to learn anything,.... We had moved, from New Mexico, (not to be
confused with Mexico),
To Florida,...
..New Mexico, is and has been a U.S. state since January 6, 1912,.
And it was , about 1963 or 4, same year John Kenedy died,.....
Any way, the so called teacher,...was so ignorant, when he introduced
me to the class, I was so shocked,...and horrified, he said :
" This is Garry, he has moved here from Mexico, let's welcome him, to the
United States, and Florida, and this school"

I smiled, and did not say a word, thoughts "Oh man, this guy is really ignorant".
But then, it got worse,...he said, " That's ok ,maybe, Garry does not speak english to well, but he says "Hello every body" with his smile,... Later the other students learned
I did speak English, relatively well,...and I got into trouble with not only the teacher,
but the principle,...Why,...because I told the other students,the truth, what a ignorant idiot the teacher really was,...And I showed them where it says, in the History books,
about New Mexico,.... how ever some, and some other teachers as well still insisted
I was Mexican, not American, I am not naturally violent, but in the arguements
that other kids started, saying "dirty Mexican" and garbage like that, eventually
I would reach my limit,...the easiest way to avoid the fights, and harassment,...
simply not got to the source of it. ...

It is amazing how one thing leads to another, question,...but anyway
I am far from being a "*NIX Master",.... and technology changes so fast,
most of what I know is really way behind the "times" , I can not keep up
with it all,...
It does take some patience,but more the patience, the desire, and I really
enjoy it, experimenting , trying to learn and do new things, etc.
For now, that is about it.
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