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Oil Painting

Postby garry » Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:18 am

This is a Oil Painting I recently started:
Just starting---------------above---

Almost finished, but not quite:

I am starting to work on a series of paintings, just got some more canvas today.
Last night I was thinking a lot about something, something very difficult to express.
but in any event, the words were almost there, alone, just words , are not good enough,
with a painting as well, the words have something that give them more meaning.
Just like they say, a
"A picture is worth a thousand words", a painting speaks a lot of words, and with a few additional words
the painting is complete.
So any way, the final paintings that I am going to paint, are about a road.
I do not really remember where or when that road actually started, but I have come to believe it
never really ends either.
There is a true "beginning" and true " end ",....but the marvellous, and wonderful thing is that
the Beginning and the End, IS and all ways will be, HE , God, has said " I am the beginning and the end"
"I am that I am", and HE is. Glory be to Him most high,...
Any way, that is "the road", it is the road of life, and it does not end, it wanders eternally, through
lands and places, high and low, crossing oceans of time, and desert sands, beautiful forests, and
deep , dark terrifying jungles,mountains, and high places, valleys of green pastures , , where we can rest and sleep, to wake up to a new day, and continue on down the road,...so I am going down that road again,....
It has been many years now,
that I was sleeping, in a valley, it was nice, but a new day is here, I am going down that road again,..
I will be singing a song, and it will be a new song,..... I will see new places, places I have never seen,...
these paintings, or this painting,.... is where I left off, and now it is where I start again.
I have a vague memory, of a dream,.... in the dream , we were on a beach and there were 2
sets of foot prints, but the there was only 1 set of foot prints, and I could not see my friend any more, so I asked
him about that,........
then later I saw a poem, someone wrote, someone anonymous,....the poem
reminded me of the dream I had, but honestly I do not believe I am the one that wrote the poem.
I am not that good of a writer.
But the poem did kind of make me wonder, perhaps I am not the only person that had that dream,
it caught my attention because it was written on a picture of a beach, some where,...and the foot prints
in the sand,...any way, it reminded me of my dream, and when I read what it said,...well it made
me realize that I am not the only person that had the same dream.
Any way, it was a very pleasant dream, so I hold onto it,....and
I know, as well as believe, I know it is true, what my friend said, in the dream.
"Where you see only one set of foot prints, that is when I was carrying you, those are my footprints in the sand."
So now , it is time to go, together we will continue walking down this road,...my friend is all ways with me.
I call Him Jesus Christ of Nazarene,...... it does not matter to me, if others believe or don't believe, because
I know , this road is very real, and the friend that is with me is very real.
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