Artwork and other creative activities

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Artwork and other creative activities

Postby garry » Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:25 pm

This forum, topic is for discussions and sharing "creative activities".
These could be artwork, writing, music, and I suppose programming and web design are also creative activities.
So any way, that is what it is for. I am not feeling very "creative" at the moment, so I don't know what more to
This is a water color I painted years ago.

There are more paintings I did here:

So any way, this is sort of a example, anyone else that wants to join can share here, or perhaps even better
start their own topic.
It is not limited to just drawings and paintings, there are many other forms of creativity, and those are welcome
as well. Of course, it is sad that this needs to be said, but porn is not acceptable, and will be considered spam.
Other forms of commercial advertising , as well, will be considered spam, and dealt with as such. The only exception
would be if the person wishing to submit a advertisement makes contacts me, and we make some sort of special
Another forum I recently started:
Parrots and OpenBsd
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