SEO engineer = SpammingEverythingOnline engineer

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SEO engineer = SpammingEverythingOnline engineer

Postby garry » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:58 am

These SEO websites, and so called SEO engineers , make me laugh, not really, they are the source, and creators of TONS OF GARBAGE, and instead of really Optimizing the Search Engines,.....helping to make them work well, yielding good , use full results, what they do is abuse the "keywords" option, and fill a website with all sorts of words, "key words" that trigger results in Google, and other search engines, the results are a polluted search engine, that often gives to many results that are just advertisements for products and websites that have absolutely nothing to do with what one is actually searching for,....
Here is one SEO, that is so stupid, they do not even know how to use a search engine to find a answer to a really basic question,.... well maybe they do, but obviously if they did a search to find the answer they would not have been able to use the pretext of not knowing any thing, so they show how stupid they really are, they can try to promote the SEO website in their signature,.....good grief, much dumber and more dumb can someone get ?
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