Debian,Gnome, and Linux

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Debian,Gnome, and Linux

Postby garry » Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:22 pm

I am kind of sad about all if this, I currently use Debian 7 wheezy,
and when I started using Debian, back when the current stable version
was Debian 6 (squeeze) , it seemed like a good choice, and was at that time,
However, now they are really changeing to much, and in a direction I find
unacceptable, :
Just to note: I installed stretch a few days ago and used tasksel to put GNOME on it, when it was finished unattended-upgrades.service was enabled automatically

I do not know why, to me unattended automatic upgrades, would be a extreme security risk,...but even
if it is not really a security thing,....the thing that bothers me the most is, not giving the user a "choice",....
I mean this is something that should not be enabled by default, reverse, something telling the
user, they can enable it, if they want to have future upgrades done automaticly, even when they
are "not looking", automated,......this means the system automaticly connects, dowloads and installs
things, and the user does not even know,what those "things", called upgrades, are and contain,...
Then another thing, is, now Microsoft seems to be very much a part of and involved with Linux
in general,... I suppose, that is why they are going to things like this,
"unattended automatic upgrades" by default, etc......
Microsoft Joins Linux Foundation as Platinum Member

It seems like it is definately time to start
building or looking for a better OS.
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